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It’s all about the Story
It’s all about the Characters
It’s all about the Connections

passion for animation since 2008

It’s all about the story. It’s all about the characters. It’s all about the connections. These are the principles that built our movies since we founded the studio  in may 2008. 

Lightbox is an animation studio and a production company. From the outset, our main goal has been to create high-end media content capable of generating international brands and franchises with a life beyond the screen, all with an unbeatable quality for the budget. 

In 2013, our first feature film ‘Tad, the Lost Explorer’ won 3 Goya Awards, including Best Young Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. It was an important milestone as it was the first animation movie receive these awards.

In Spain, Tad’s movies are the highest grossing Spanish animated movies in history, and they’ve become a well known franchise with its own TV show and merchandising. 

‘Capture the Flag’ was our first movie to be released worldwide by Paramount Pictures. This was the first time Paramount distributed a Spanish movie internationally.

Now we’re bulding new projects, new ideas, new dreams… Hope to see you soon in front of the screen.

who are we?

CEO, Founder Nicolás Matji CEO, Founder
We know how hard is to build a story and make it appealing for the audience. If you feel you need a push or find new ways for your script just let us know.
Founder, Director Enrique Gato Founder, Director
Enrique has been directing movies and videogames for more than 20 years. He's the creator of Tadeo Jones, the biggest spanish animated film franchise. He's won dozens of national and international awards with his movies.
Line producer Susana Paniagua Line producer

the lightboxers

We’re proud to have worked with some of the most talented artists from around the globe in our projects. These guys helped to create one of the most efficient workflows in the industry to make things shine to the highest levels.